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We take into extreme consideration your cooperation and your personal and business-related registration information will be protected and insured by our services. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are legally binded to truthful and accurate information that you in turn believe will be stored and protected to the greatest extent by our technological security. has implemented electronic means of protecting your Personal Information. Even though we have taken steps to ensure that your Personal Information is not accessed, used, or disclosed by unauthorized persons, we cannot fully eliminate security risks associated with Personal Information.

Third-Party Websites may receive and supplement the information we directly collect from or about you with information from third parties. If you are on a third party website or service and you opt-in to receive information from us, the third party may forward to us your e-mail address and other information about you so that we may contact you as requested.

In addition, may receive information from advertisers, merchant or survey partners and others to ensure that you properly receive any earned rewards or for other marketing, administrative or general business purposes. We may also supplement and combine the information we collect about you with outside records from third parties in order to enhance our ability to provide you with advertising, content, surveys, offers, promotions, and rewards, and for other business purposes.

Content Disclaimer

All the materials provided on the Website are strictly provided on an “as is” basis and an “as available” basis. This is strictly enforced by and all associates. The content and information provided by are not in any way enforced with warranties of any sorts. We are not responsible for any content errors, content offers, and so on from any third party websites that are provided. Views and other thoughts are expressed by any third party websites and associations are in no way affiliated with the Website and are as is.

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